During the past few weeks, my team has been working on Uptred, a highly ambitious project that aims to give its users a set of tools that help them to manage and upload their videos from any of their devices to their favorite online providers. The first stage of this project finished last month with the releases of the first versions of Uptred Source and Uptred Shell on the Xamarin Component Store and on the Uptred website.

Uptred Shell

Uptred Shell is a portable multi-platform command line application that allows users to upload their videos to Vimeo and YouTube by running a simple command from their terminals. Uptred Shell can be integrated into the existing video distribution pipelines to automate the upload process for studios producing a high volume of videos.

Uptred Source

Uptred Source is a package containing all the source codes for the backend tools as well as the client side applications and code samples and the SDK that allows C# developers to authorize, manage and upload their videos to Vimeo and YouTube. This SDK works on Windows through .NET, and also on the iOS, Android, OS X and Linux through Xamarin and Mono runtime libraries.

Uptred Source is currently the most complete C# based SDK that works with the Vimeo Advanced API and is fully compatible with Xamarin and Mono. One of the main advantages of Uptred Source is that as Xamarin and Mono currently have many incompatibilities with .NET and issues with certain modules of the .NET framework such as JSON Serializers and HTTP Web Requests, custom implementations of such functionalities have been included in the SDK to ensure that the SDK works perfect and as robust as possible, regardless of the platform. Moreover, The VimeoHook class of Uptred Source implements more than a hundred methods that each correspond to an endpoint on Vimeo API. These methods, together with our resumable upload framework provide developers the easiest and most powerful C# based SDK for accessing Vimeo. The same resumable upload framework also works as well for YouTube and we plan to add more providers in the future.

Uptred Queue for Desktop

We are also releasing a public beta of Uptred Queue for Desktop, which is basicallythe must-have video uploader for Vimeo and YouTube users who work on Windows. Built on top of the robust framework of Uptred Source, Uptred Queue for Desktop currently includes the following features:

Download Uptred Queue for Desktop