I am pleased to announce that Game of Drones is now out on the App Store for free! In this addictive puzzle-based game, you have to lure the hungry Noise-Activated Drones into black holes and collect the items in each level.

There are three episodes, each with unique game items and mechanics that you will discover along the way, plus two different game modes! If that won’t still satisfy you, there are six mini-games built-in that you can unlock by progressing in the story mode!

Get it on App Store for free: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/game-of-drones/id870103842?ls=1&mt=8

Buy it on App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/game-of-drones-pro/id892760932?ls=1&mt=8

Get it on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.neatgames.GameOfDrones

Read full game description below:

In Game of Drones, you take control of a wanderer through the galaxy and collect the stars in each level without being eaten by Hungry Noise-Activated Drones!

Game of Drones comes in three episodes each containing 24 levels! That’s 72 levels in total! Whoa!

[Pro version contains no advertisement and comes with everything unlocked from the beginning!]

Each episode contains new cool game mechanics and elements! You will discover boxes, keys, pressure plates, teleporters and more! Use everything around you to solve the puzzles faster and with least amount of moves possible! Your performance will be shown on Game Center leaderboards!

Compete with your friends and strangers on Game Center: Solve puzzles, unlock achievements and set your mark on leaderboards.

Game of Drones is not only one game! You earn gems inside the game and you can use the gems to play many different built-in addictive mini-games!

Built-in Mini-games: * Raid: Take control of a fighter jet and blast through the enemy territory! * Mesh: Solve graph puzzles as fast as you can without running out of time! * Snake: Eat lollipops and survive as long as you can! Literally! * Tree Massacre: Ski on snow without hitting the trees! * Fall: Keep the ball inside the screen as long as possible!

Game of Drones never ends! Even if you finish all the 72 levels, you can still keep playing the Arcade mode and Random levels! It will never get boring! Also we will release updates with new episodes and levels regularly!

Features: * High quality textures for retina display * Gem Mines: Find gems inside games and use them to play the other games * Achievements: Get +30 achievements and around 1000 game center points! * Five different mini-games! * Three totally different episodes, plus Arcade Mode and Random Levels! * Leaderboards: Compete with the world in many different leaderboards! * Super Gem Charger: Earn gems faster every couple of minutes! * Novel user interaction to bring a more engaging experience to the user! * Regular updates with new newer game modes, episodes and mini-games!