I am happy to announce that Neat Bundle is released on iTunes App Store and is available for iPhones and iPads for free! So what are you waiting for, go grab your own version and start playing!

Also in other news, Naturals 2 is also available now for free from the App Store!

Neat Bundle is a collection of super-fun casual games in an arcade-like environment. Optimized for Retina iPad, it gives you a great high quality arcade experience on your tablet. Whether you play it on your phone or your tablet, you will get a nice challenging experience!

Earn gems by wandering through the galaxy and spend them on playing six different and totally cool games! Challenge yourself and your friends by unlocking achievements and setting your mark on different leaderboards! Are you smart, quick and patient? Test yourself by challenging your brain with solving graph puzzles in Mesh, escaping from Noise-Activated Drones in the galaxy and blasting your way through a horde of enemies in Raid! Tilt the device and play the all-time favorite game Snake with new fun controls and compete with the others in Fall! This bundle comes with six awesome games: Mesh, Raid, Drones, Tree Massacre, Fall and Snake. You can play a game by paying a Gem and you can find Gems in the mines! Features:

High quality textures for retina display Gem Mines: Find gems inside games and use them to play the other games Achievements: Get +30 achievements and up to 1000 game center points! Six different games! Leaderboards: Compete with the world in seven different leaderboards! Super Gem Charger: Earn gems faster every couple of minutes! Accelerometer-based interaction to bring a more engaging experience to the user! Regular updates with new newer games!