The process of uploading videos to Vimeo might be a little confusing. The updated version of VimeoDotNet contains two new methods that take care of all upload steps. With these methods you can just tell them what file you want to upload, and they take care of the rest.

To upload a file in a single part, you can use the VimeoClient.Upload method:

string video_id = vc.Upload(@"D:\myvideo.mp4");

If the file is too big to fit entirely in the memory, you can use the second method VimeoClient.UploadInChunks:

string video_id = vc.UploadInChunks(@"D:\myvideo.mp4");

The second method supports resuming. You can get the upload ticket through one of the parameters of this method and call VimeoClient.ResumeUploadInChunks to resume the process. Both of these methods return a video id in case of a successful upload, or null if there’s an error.

You can read more about uploading on the VimeoDotNet pages of this blog.