A few days ago I uploaded the final build of my Atari 2600’s River Raid clone to CodePlex and because it’s based on Neat game engine, I updated the Neat project as well. You can read more about the River Raid X project in its own page, so I’ll just talk about the new features of Neat in this new release right now.

It has been a slow year and I didn’t have much time to work on games, so there aren’t that many new features in the new release of Neat Engine, however the code is much more polished and stable. Some of the new additions to Neat Engine are:

I am working on adding Kinect support to Neat using the official Kinect SDK. If you are interested in playing with a Kinect-compatible Neat Engine, you can download the latest version of the source code from the Source Code page of the project on CodePlex.