I recently implemented a bunch of new features in Neat Script and Console. Among these features are expression evaluation and conditions. These features make it possible to create loops in Neat Script files. here’s an example of a loop in Neat Script:

echo off 
echo Testing loop 
dv l 1 
   echo (l)*(l)=((l)*(l)) 
   inc l 
if ((l)<=10) goto loop 
echo Done! 
echo on 


So basically this is how you can create loops in Neat Script:

Create a batch file using Notepad or any other text editor Define labels with a colon before their name (i.e. :label), these will be your loop’s start point Use goto command to jump to a label Run your script using call command. You can control your loops by creating console variables (dvars) and using conditions (if and on commands).

Go ahead and download Neat Game Engine now!